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Welcome to The Practice. We are dedicated to enhancing your smile’s radiance and confidence with our comprehensive dental services. One of our sought-after treatments is Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening. This article explains teeth whitening, answers all your pertinent questions, and provides in-depth information on this transformative procedure.


What is Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening?

Opalescence Go is a popular teeth whitening system that is designed to be used at home. It is manufactured by Ultradent Products, Inc., a dental products company based in the United States. Opalescence Go is a convenient and effective way to whiten your teeth without the need for custom trays or in-office visits to the dentist.


Opalescence Go uses a prefilled disposable tray that is worn over the teeth to deliver the whitening gel. The trays are made of a flexible material that conforms to the shape of your teeth, providing a comfortable fit. The gel used in Opalescence Go contains a safe and effective whitening agent called hydrogen peroxide, which helps remove stains and lighten the color of the teeth.


The treatment process typically involves wearing the trays for a specified amount of time each day, as recommended by your dentist or the product instructions. Opalescence Go is available in different strengths and flavors, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their preferences and sensitivity levels.


It’s important to note that while Opalescence Go can be effective for many people, individual results may vary. Additionally, it’s advisable to consult with a dentist before starting any teeth whitening treatment to ensure that it is appropriate for your dental health and to determine the best whitening approach for your specific needs.


Understanding Teeth Discoloration

Teeth discoloration is a common concern. Various factors contribute to losing that pearly white hue, including diet, lifestyle, and aging. Even with dental care, stains and discoloration can accumulate. This is where Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening comes into play.


Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening: What Is It?

Opalescence Go is designed to brighten your teeth. It utilizes a whitening gel that is delivered via comfortable, pre-filled trays. The gel contains a concentration of hydrogen peroxide, breaking down stains and discoloration.


How Does It Work?

The whitening gel penetrates the enamel to target the discolored molecules responsible for staining. Oxygen molecules from the hydrogen peroxide react with these molecules, breaking them into less visible particles. This chemical reaction lightens teeth.


The Advantages of Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening


Professional Results at Home

One standout feature of Opalescence Go is that it offers professional-quality results that can be achieved in the comfort of your home. The system’s pre-filled trays ensure consistent whitening, providing a stunning smile.


Customizable Treatment

Whether you prefer a shorter, more intense session or a more gradual approach, there’s a kit that suits you. The dentist at The Practice will help you choose the best option based on your goals and the shade of your teeth.


Minimized Sensitivity

Opalescence Go formula includes ingredients to reduce sensitivity.


Long-Lasting Results

Unlike over-the-counter products that provide temporary results, Opalescence Go offers long-lasting effects. Enjoy a bright, white smile for months with proper care and maintenance.


Getting Started with Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening


Consultation With The Practice

The journey to a brighter smile begins with a consultation at The Practice. The dentist will evaluate your oral health and discuss your whitening goals. If Opalescence Go is deemed suitable, your dentist will determine the appropriate treatment plan and answer your concerns.


Receiving A Customized Kit

The Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening kit includes customized pre-filled trays customized. The dentist will provide instructions, ensuring you are informed and confident.


At-Home Whitening

Opalescence Go is designed to be used at home. Simply insert the pre-filled trays into your mouth and wear them for the prescribed amount each day. You can whiten your teeth while reading, watching TV, or relaxing. It’s that convenient.


Monitoring Your Progress

Expect gradual improvements in the shade of your teeth. If you have questions about the progress, contact The Practice. We support you throughout your whitening journey.


Enjoy Your Brighter Smile

Once you’ve completed the Opalescence Go treatment, enjoy the results. Many patients report a boost in self-esteem. Remember to maintain good oral hygiene and follow your dentist’s recommendations to prolong the effects.


 How Much Does Opalescence Go Cost?

Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening at The Practice is priced at $100 for the at-home treatment. This cost includes the customized Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening kit, which consists of pre-filled trays tailored to your teeth. The at-home treatment allows you to conveniently whiten your teeth while enjoying the flexibility of your own space. For those seeking an effective and professional-quality teeth whitening solution, The Practice offers Opalescence Go at an affordable cost of $100. To begin your teeth whitening journey and achieve a brighter, more confident smile, consult with us today.


The Bottom Line

At The Practice, we understand the power of a confident smile. Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening is an effective and convenient way to enhance your smile’s brilliance. Say goodbye to stains and hello to a brighter, more confident you. To embark on your teeth whitening journey, consult us today. Your radiant smile awaits!



Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening is a safe and effective dental treatment. It is provided under the supervision of dental professionals, ensuring that the whitening gel is applied correctly and does not harm your teeth or gums. Opalescence Go’s formula minimizes tooth sensitivity, making it a comfortable choice for most patients.

The duration varies depending on the treatment option. Opalescence Go offers different concentrations and wear times. Some patients may achieve their desired results in five days, while others prefer a gradual approach over a few weeks. Your dentist at The Practice will help you determine the best timeline.

While some patients may experience mild and temporary sensitivity during or after treatment, it is well-tolerated. Discuss your concerns with your dentist, as they can recommend strategies to alleviate discomfort.

Opalescence Go is designed for natural teeth. If you have dental restorations, such as crowns or veneers, the whitening gel will not change their color. Opalescence Go may not match the shade of your existing dental work, so consult with your dentist at The Practice before beginning treatment.

Continue practicing good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing. Avoiding foods and beverages that stain teeth, such as coffee, tea, and red wine, can also prolong the results. If you notice gradual darkening, touch-up treatments can be performed to keep your smile looking its best.

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